I Have Decided To Follow Jesus!

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March 15, 2013 by

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Jesus On the Mescalero Apache Reservation!  This past Wednesday night was a wonderful time in the Lord.  Our discipleship classes are producing excitement in our members who are attending and our Bible studies are also bearing fruit through the Holy Spirit!

We are thankful for the wonderful things the Lord is doing in our church and on the reservation.  When I first came to Mescalero Baptist Mission, I came because I was called by God to do so.  It’s been four years and I have never once desired to take a position anyplace else.  God sure knows what He is doing in our lives!


Please pray for us as we continue to serve Jesus and if you are looking for a place to serve in the domestic mission field, please consider Mescalero Baptist Mission, Mescalero, New, Mexico.

God bless you all in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Zach


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